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What should you know?

Real estate group of true experts in modern real estate buying and selling techniques, at the forefront of training, tools, services, and technology for the benefit of the end client.

What is an MLS?
MLS is a system of professional real estate cooperation, which stands for MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE or Multiple Listing Service, where real estate professionals in an area come together for the benefit of their clients. It's an effective grouping for the purchase and sale of residential properties.

The owner signs a management contract with a real estate professional under the Exclusive Shared or Multi-Exclusive modality.

The real estate professional representing the owner shares the sales process with the rest of the members of the MLS who will work with them to bring the buyer.

The MLS system originated in the USA over 100 years ago, and it's fully operational in several countries: France, Italy, Canada, Mexico, Peru, and in Spain since 1999. Currently, there are 112 associations working with the MLS system in Spain. We are the only MLS that operates in the luxury segment in Spain.
What is Agora MLS Luxury?
AGORA MLS LUXURY is the Luxury segment division of AGORA MLS, the most proactive business MLS in Spain. We are at the forefront of MLS system management in Spain with over 20 years of experience. We are the reference MLS in Spain.

We are directly present in 33 provinces in Spain and through collaborations with other networks, we are the only real estate organization with actual coverage in all 50 provinces. Currently, we have 500 members with nearly 3,000 professionals.

We have more than 30 specialists dedicated to managing:
- High Range
- High Standing
- Luxury
- Super Luxury

Why is it better to buy or sell with a real estate agency affiliated with AGORA MLS LUXURY?
Buying, selling – anyone can do it, but DOING IT RIGHT IS ANOTHER STORY ALTOGETHER. To do it right, it's necessary to have top-notch professionals at the forefront of modern sales techniques, tools, services, and technology – genuine experts in their markets, and above all, who genuinely prioritize the client's interests, with the necessary discretion and confidentiality that the luxury segment deserves.

It's better to be well accompanied than alone. Professionals affiliated with AGORA MLS LUXURY have an edge over their competitors in terms of training, services, tools, market actions, all for the benefit of the client.

¿qué Opinan de Agora MLS Luxury

El hecho de ser un grupo de profesionales inmobiliarios, que trabaja por y para el cliente: una MLS busca maximizar los beneficios de sus clientes dentro de un marco deontológico
Monterrat Moreno
Avenir BCN
La formación, el sistema y filosofía de trabajo de Ágora MLS LUXURY hacen que sea una agrupación única. En C21 VIP Home en Madrid estamos encantados de formar parte. ÁGORA es otro nivel.
Jorge Antonio
C21 VIP Home
Formamos parte de Agora desde hace varios años. No hay una agrupación que tanto dedique a la formación de sus miembros como Agora. Orgulloso de formar parte de una de las agrupaciones que más puede hacer por ayudar a los propietarios que gestionamos sus propiedades. La mejor opción, con diferencia
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