Ideas for luxury home renovations in 2023

reformas para una casa de lujo

When we think of the word luxury, thousands of words come to mind: exclusivity, design, style… It’s something that only a few can access. Nowadays, the person who acquires a luxury item wants to feel unique, privileged, they are buying a lifestyle associated with certain values like belonging to a limited group.

Therefore, luxury home renovations follow a path of innovation, creativity, design, and quality. In luxury renovations, one must consider the materials to be used, floors, fabrics, coatings, lighting, and the layout, among others.

This process depends on both the homeowner and the company in charge of the renovation, in order to achieve a unique, special, and sophisticated result.

Sometimes we have many ideas about interior design, aesthetics, ultimately, about the image we want to achieve after renovating an apartment. However, it’s always good to have a deeper understanding of the current trends and styles to better define, materialize, and even convey your tastes and the needs that this renovation should fulfill to a professional.

We show you some ideas and renovation trends for your luxury home:

Top-Quality Materials

Among the main trends in luxury home renovations is the composition of the materials used. The quality of materials sets apart comprehensive luxury renovations due to their price and exclusivity.

Exotic woods stand out for floors, floorboards, stairs, or countertops (such as ebony, oak, or wenge), natural stone for floors, walls, kitchens, and bathrooms (aged marble, travertine, or unfinished granite), copper for fireplaces, walls and decorative elements, or armored glass in all types of doors and windows.

Creativity, Harmony, and Functionality

Luxury renovations promote creativity, which can be seen in the integration of original architectural elements such as high ceilings, large windows, shutters, antique floors, or walls decorated with frescoes. Combining them in a balanced way adds naturalness and exclusivity to the renovated space, as well as spaciousness and light.

Spaciousness has always been synonymous with luxury, as shown by mansions with large rooms, suite lounges, open-plan American-style kitchens, always seeking the concept of open space.

In this case, it’s important to carefully consider the layout of the place, so that there’s a sense of spaciousness in each of the areas.

Integration of Home Automation

Currently, luxury home renovations are incomplete without the inclusion of home automation systems for better property control.

Automatic opening and closing of doors and windows, presence sensors, or remote control of heating and lighting systems are a perfect option to add more distinction to any space.

Furthermore, these types of systems play an important role in reducing energy consumption by up to 20%.

High-End Appliance Equipment

Appliances with exclusive design, high performance, and energy efficiency (Class A, A+, or A++), are ideal for any luxury home renovation. Most of these will be in the kitchen, although they can also be found in common areas and bedrooms (televisions, projectors, sound systems, etc.)

Installations for Maximum Comfort

Luxury renovations should ensure that the inhabitants of the house enjoy all comforts. Generally, the process involves increasing the number of power outlets, antenna points, and switched switches, as well as installing air conditioning systems for precise temperature control, humidifiers, WiFi connection boosters, and integrated music systems with volume control from each room, etc.

The final result of any renovation should be perfect. After making the changes, you should achieve a modern and comfortable home. Both existing and potential future needs are of great importance to ensure the success of the renovation and avoid future issues.

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