The best tips for selling a luxury home

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Selling a luxury home requires a special approach and different means than those used in the sale of conventional homes.

Luxury homes are both a blessing and a curse for real estate consultants because their buying criteria can be extravagant and difficult to meet. Often, it is not so easy to contact potential clients, as there is a failure in the approach and the means used to reach these potential luxury home buyers.  

The type of clients in the luxury market values many aspects such as views, the quality of materials, the architectural style of the building, privacy, added services to the home such as a pool, garden, concierge, gym, 24-hour security service, etc. But, above all, the main thing for this client is the location of the home and, in most cases, the privacy it offers.

Selling a luxury home requires more than just good photos and listing on portals; it requires a true staging to impress clients.

These are our tips for successfully selling a luxury home:

Target a small group of potential buyers

In this market, the popular saying ‘less is more’ is very important. When selling a luxury home, the first thing is to clearly understand the psychological profile of your buyer, and assume that you will have to address a small group of potential interested parties, and thoroughly understand their motivations, which are often very different from the usual ones. The key is, therefore, to have an absolute knowledge of the sector, the home, and the area, which allows you to argue solidly for a certain price.

Sell more than just the property

A luxury home is much more than a house, it is the environment in which it is located, it is the building it is in, etc. For this reason, a luxury property can be offered as an exclusive mansion by the sea, or a palace in a historic area, a home next to a golf course or a marina, etc., that is, take advantage of the concept of luxurious living is essential to successfully market a high-end property.

Is the home near a golf course or a marina? Does it have sought-after facilities such as a Jacuzzi or tennis courts? Is it on the waterfront? Each and every one of these components can, and should, be exploited when selling luxury homes.

Take advantage of the best times of the year

In many cases, the motivation of the luxury home buyer is the climate and the space or location where they can enjoy it. Therefore, and whenever possible, it is ideal to start marketing a home considering that the months it is for sale can demonstrate the type of life that future buyers will have in the luxury home.


Luxury properties are rarely sold only on paper. The list of high-end services and facilities in your home can be very long, but in the end, it is the overall atmosphere that will likely convince a buyer client. One of the best ways to take advantage of this when selling luxury homes is to hire a professional to assist with staging.

Often, with small changes to the furniture, relocating it to other places, painting a wall in a warm tone, or placing cardboard attrezzo furniture is enough to arouse the buying interest of a family or an undecided buyer. Properties are often sold faster and often at a higher price, up to 20% and more, if their most attractive features are enhanced.

Position and present the property for sale in the luxury real estate market

There is no clear line between high-end properties and the rest; there is no clear definition. This means that you will have to do everything possible to position your property in the ‘prime’ market, which begins with the choice of a real estate company specializing in luxury homes.

A premium agency not only has the necessary experience in selling luxury properties, advertising with it also increases the chances that your property will appear superior to others.

At Agora MLS Luxury, we specialize in luxury homes, and we have authentic experts in their markets who look out for the client’s interests, with the discretion and confidentiality that the luxury segment deserves.

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